Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby, Its Cold Outside

This morning I checked the weather here in Ogden and it is 6 degrees. When I finally crawled out of bed it was to quickly start the furnace and put as many clothes on as humanly possible..... even "long pants" something I have not had on since February 23. Abbey has been huddling under blankets and shivering since her morning walk. I also checked the weather for home and it is also 6 degrees. Now, if I was at home I would be stepping out the door an saying "oh, what a beautiful morning" and happy that I did not have to put on mittens, heavy jacket etc. I bet the morning walkers at home are smiling and almost whistling because the sun is shining. I do believe it is going to be very difficult to get back into the "spring is coming and it is warming up" from the "jeez, it sure is cold here compared to Arizona".

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Meg said...

6 degrees? HEAT WAVE!!

It was so nice here yesterday that I ate lunch outside with Breanne. Without a sweater. With bare legs. So nice being about 14 degrees. At noon. In the sun.

The city has even put out flowering baskets!