Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One More Day To Go

We had a good day of travel today and made it to Great Falls before dark. That means we will be back in Eatonia sometime tomorrow. There are plenty of reasons I will be happy to be home such as not having to walk half a block or more to shower, not having to shower with shoes on, being able to talk to Meg and Al anytime, getting back to walking with Marla and Bunny, and the dishwasher. However there are many things that I have come to enjoy about living in our 5th wheel. Such as: I can do a full top to bottom cleaning in a very short time, grocery shopping is much more interesting and there is no yard work.
Overall, the past 10 weeks has been great and we can hardly wait to start planning next year's trip.


Meg said...

did you bring back a mexican chihuahua? or a sombrero? or a mariachi band?

I could use a mariachi band.

Snowflake said...

No Mariachi band, no sombrero, no chihuahua, just a "not quite shaved morkie"! We'll phone tonight when we get home.

Meg said...

Bring me the morkie! I miss the morkie!!