Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Moving On

We are on the move again. A week at Turquoise Valley included: 99 holes of golf, a trip to Tombstone and Bisbee ( if you are in this part of Arizona skip Tombstone but be sure to go on a walking tour of Bisbee), great mexican food, excellent music at the Fish Fry, a birdie ( my first), my lowest golf score ever (under 50 on 9 holes.....can you believe it???), a nail in the tire and of course, more happy hours with Fred And Colleen. This morning we headed west and ended up in Yuma. We have decided to make one more stop here so we can look over some of the RV parks, go to the Flea Market (we've heard it a must if you are in Yuma), maybe a trip to Algodones and some R&R before we start north.
We are set up at the Westwinds RV Park. Senor Ping thinks it looks a little like a ghost town, as most of the snow birds have started for home. It is in the high 20s (celcius) today and the weather forecast is for strong winds and then cooler temperatures for a few days. That's better than the snow and rain they are having back home. Now that we are settled in for a few days I will try to update my blog and post a few more pictures of our past week.

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Meg said...

I got the cards today- thank you!