Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday

It seems that part of getting old and being retired is that you just can't get yourself out of the need for routine. So, here we are in sunny Arizona, with nothing pressing on the agenda (that means we aren't thinking about the annual teachers' convention we usually attended at this time every year). This morning we got up when Abbey insisted we get up, drank a pot of coffee while reading on the patio and then said to ourselves,"What shall we do now?" We decided to check out the golf course connected to the Rv park. Its short 9 hole, not in the best of shape, but the price is right. I wouldn't say it was my best game I've played but no one needed to wear a "golf helmet" this time and I didn't lose a club. The down side was there was no La Palapa to go to at the end of the game for quesadilias and our favorite beverages. We spent the rest of the day by the pool and continue to enjoy the pleasant weather.
Tomorrow it will be laundry day and maybe Senor Ping will fix my bike. It seems that I have 2 flat tires and I haven't even gone for a bike ride yet. There is a jam session in the afternoon so we may check that out and see if Senor Ping can play a few tunes.


Raymondo said...

Too bad you weren't in Lloydminster. You could have shovelled last night's snow this morning, gone for a brisk walk in the -15C weather, and then returned in the afternoon to shovel some more snow that arrived this afternoon. Never a dull moment.

Snowflake said...

Aren't you glad you are heading south and won't have to shovel snow for a month or so? Have fun and keep us up to date with your travels.

Meg said...

Ah, Wednesday, Wednesday.

This morning I arose at 6 when the alarm rang, unsure of what time zone I was in as yesterday was spent in Toronto.

I dug through my unpacked bags to find my toothbrush- as I had collapsed fully clothed in bed at 1:00 am upon arrival from the airport.

After boarding the C-train and rushing through Starbucks (twice), I settled in to read the headlines of 3 national newspapers, 4 daily regional papers and a summary of industry related trade publications while trying to participate in a conference call about the provincial and federal budgets.

Then I did some fascinating research on carbon emmissions and the oilsands.

Now it's off to check the mail, head to a lunch meeting with the HR department and spend an afternoon leisurely reading the 170new emails I have received since Friday morning.

Ah, the working life. 43 blissful years to go!

Snowflake said...

Wednesday was a busy day: exercises at 8:00 AM, Water exercises at 10:00 AM, swimming at 2:00 PM and Happy hour at 4:00 PM. By 8:00 I was almost ready for bed, except I know what would happen if I went to bed that early: I would be up and ready for the day at 4:00 AM and they don't have any organized activities starting that early!!