Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Senior Follies Part 2

Here I am in the recreation room at the RV park. I am getting ready to Skype Megan but I am waiting for the crowd to thin out or for the table poolside to become available. In the meantime I do a casual glance around the room and what do I see: 2 ladies working on jigsaw puzzles. Mind you it's not the same puzzle. They each have their own 1000 piece puzzle sitting on the same table. I ask myself, "Do you think they ever try to put the other's person's puzzle pieces in their own puzzle?"
This morning I decided to check out the aerobics class. It could have been a scene out of our recent dinner theatre. I felt like I was working out with Mildred and Sarah Jane. (I must admit I did get a good workout, maybe not quite up to Rose's level but I did feel like I had stretched and worked some of those highly inactive muscles) I also attended the water exercises later in the morning. A new instructor took over this morning and a 55 minute workout was completed in 30 minutes. One of the other participants thought maybe the instructor had taken an extra "energy pill" this morning.
I think I will have to do a bit more observing of life at this park and maybe start working on the script for Senior Follies: Part 2. Maybe we could set the play in an RV park. But absolutely no Kung Fu!!


Meg said...

Sorry I missed your call. I was out having coffee with a nice German guy.

Donna said...

Lenore you are so funny - I can jus see you in the aerobics class. enjoy your vacation and I will let you know on my blog or facebook how my weekend in Edmonton went with Sandy. You are an avid blogger - good for you.