Saturday, February 16, 2008

Safe and Sound in Yuma

We have arrived and are set up for a month at the Fortuna De Oro Rv Park in Yuma. We spent 3 nights in Laughlin at the Riverside Park before finally heading down here. The day we arrived in Laughlin was warm and sunny but then we had 2 days of strong wind and cool weather. Not the weather you would like to have if you want to relax outside so we ended up checking out the casinos. Doug played with their money and I spent Doug's... needless to say neither of us came away a winner. The WIFI was very poor in the park but we did discover a site at the Outlet mall so we were at least able to check our email.
We had a nice drive down to Yuma, checking out the California side of the Colorado River and then crossing over to Quartzite. Although the busy season is over, there were still quite a few RVs parked in the desert. With the wind we had the last few days that would not be my idea of a place to stay. When we drove to our site here at the park we were greeted by our neighbors and their guests, all from Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta. The men took it upon themselves to assist Doug with backing up and parking the trailer. I am sure the staff at Eaton School will be glad to hear we parked without taking out part of the fence. Our first priority was to get the satellite dish set up so we could watch the ladies curling and catch up on what is happening at home.
We are looking forward to doing some relaxing by the pool and plan to head to the driving range tomorrow. It is also time to get Abbey a haircut, hopefully not quite as short as last year. I am sure we will be busy, but not too busy to have a beverage or two and think about our friends back home in the snow!


colleen said...

Glad to hear you made it. It was very windy here in San Carlos yesterday too. Almost had to roll up the awning.
We assume you had a tail-wind driving today anyways.
Be gentle with Abbey. There's a good barber school in Tucson across from Mexico Bob's - and they probably do dogs.

Meg said...

Please, please, please don't cut all of her hair off...

Glad you made it in one piece. Just landed in Toronto where it has, as usual, started to snow. Want to trade?