Sunday, March 09, 2008

Abbey Before and After

Last year before we headed to Mexico we took Abbey for a "Mexico Beach haircut" and she was shaved. People had to ask what kind of dog she was and whenever we met other dogs Abbey would cringe as if to say, "I know I have a bad haircut but it's not my fault."
When we left home this year it was too cold for a haircut so Abbey has been strolling the streets of our RV park looking like a scruffy little mutt. Yesterday we finally got an appointment for a grooming. Three hours later Abbey departed looking like a princess. There is a definite change in the way she holds her head as she prances up and down the streets. Here are some before and after shots of Abbey.

The Before

The After


Meg said...

lookin' good!

Raymondo said...

Woo-hoo! That Abigail looks pretty dog-gone stylish!!

Meg said...

I think Ms. Abbey needs to come visit the Fortress of Smoothitude and keep me company.