Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jamming with Senor Ping

The RV park has a weekly Jam Session. We went twice to watch before Senor Ping decided to join in. Last week he sat on the sidelines and played along as various performers from the park and outside of the park took a turn on stage. The music choices are not exactly what we would normally listen to, and certainly not something I am accustomed to hearing around the house but the large audience seems to enjoy old (and I mean old) country music.
This week Senor Ping decided to play a couple instrumental numbers. The audience was soon tapping their toes and there were a few shouts when he played "Ghost Riders" and his second number had many of the people singing along. I guess he will have to start thinking about what he will play next week. I thought I could maybe join in and play tambourine but that job is already taken so I guess I will have to just be a member of the audience.


Raymondo said...

My suggestion - Marty Robbins' "El Paso". It's my all time favourite "old" country tune.

Donna said...

this sounds so familiar as my dad plays saxophone and when they went to Texas every winter Dad always joined in and played with other musicians. What a nice talent to have!

Meg said...

Ghost Riders....that's not that Fred Penner song, is it?

(just teasing, Senor Ping. You raised me better than that)

Snowflake said...

I also played the "Beer-Barrel Polka" and dedicated it to my Beer-Drinking Brother in Florida, and my Beer-Drinking Son in Calgary. (And yes, Megan, Fred P did do Ghost Riders...)