Saturday, March 29, 2008

On the Road Again

The time has come for us to say farewell to our friends at Fortuna De Oro Rv park and hit the dusty trail. When we arrived at this park we thought we would try it out for a month since we had not yet experienced a long term stay at an Rv park in the U.S. Our four weeks has turned into six and we are reluctant to leave but know that some day we will be back.
Our experiences here have been great. We made new friends and enjoyed the life of a retiree. A swim in the pool always means you're in for a conversation or two about what part of Canada you're from (most often the Americans were outnumbered 2 to 1), a discussion about the weather back home, how the hockey/curling/BlueJays are doing and most recently, when you are leaving.
This evening we went to a farewell supper put on by the owner of the park. He and his crew served a mexican supper with wine to over 600 people. There were lots of goodbyes and "see you agains". It sounds like many people will be leaving in the next few days, many heading back to Canada.
We will be heading to Salome tomorrow to do some golfing. We are meeting Fred and Colleen and Maggie. The weather forecast is looking great! We will eventually start making our way north with stops in Laughlin and Las Vegas. We are hoping for better weather in Utah this spring because we would like to stop at Bryce and Zion national parks.
Since we aren't too sure what kind of internet service we will have for a few days we hope all is well at home and with the family and will be in touch soon.

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