Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arrived in Yuma

Senor Ping and I have arrived safely in Yuma. We had a great trip down this year. We left home on Monday morning and had clear skies and roads all the way to Pocatello. We were able to make much better time since we were not hauling the 5th wheel. The next day we made it to Mesquite by early afternoon. There was some snow through Salt Lake City but we were following the road crew so it really didn't slow us down. On Wednesday we headed to Laughlin for a couple free nights at the Edgewater Hotel. Abbey spent the time at the Rising Star Kennel and seemed to be quite happy when we picked her up. We had an easy drive to Yuma on Friday, passing by the huge motorhomes parked in the desert near Quartzite. There didn't appear to be as many "boondockers" this year as we have seen in the past but they may have all packed up and headed home by the time we passed through.

Today we spent the day visiting with friends. This morning we had coffee with 2 couples we met last winter. They aren't staying in the park this year so we were anxious to see the park model and lot they had rented. It looks like they have lots of room for Happy Hour. It was great to see them and catch up on the news. We also had a visit with Pat from Calgary. She was our neighbor last year and also looked after Abbey while we went to San Diego. If we head back this way we will stop by and perhaps she and Doug can play a few tunes on guitar together. Our last stop was to see our friends from home: Bonnie and Jerry and Trudy and Glen. We had a great time catching up on news from home and visiting over a few cocktails.

Tomorrow morning we are packing up and heading to Mesa. We decided it was time to see another part of Arizona so we are planning to find a park and stay for a month. We are looking forward to seeing some more friends and checking out the area golf courses. We'll keep you posted on our travels.

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Raymondo said...

Good to hear that your trip was uneventful. Sometimes those winter storms can blow over the mountains without much warning. You should be free of the white stuff for awhile now. Speaking of white stuff, there's still an abundance here and with temperatures around -15 for the next few days, it will likely remain. Safe travels.