Monday, February 16, 2009

A Month in Mesa

Senor Ping and I had a short drive yesterday to Mesa, Arizona. We will be calling the Val Vista Village our home for the next month. We chose this park on the recommendation of some friends from home. The park is very clean and well laid out. There are outdoor and indoor pools and hot tubs, too many activities to mention, and the laundry and showers are just across the street from us. Senor Ping is looking forward to playing guitar with some friends here in the park and I am looking forward to reading and relaxing. This morning I took a stroll over to the main building and there is a trade show in progress. There was a fruits and vegetable stall and everything looked fresh and very reasonably priced. I think I'll make my way back and pick up some fruit for lunch.

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Diving Diva said...

I'm just wondering if you picked up your 'ole trailer somewhere or are sleeping under the stars? That damned retirement life looks tough to take. Alan and his girl are slated to come for eats and ball hockey on Thursday. TTFN Ted