Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's Show Time!

The big day has finally arrived. After 5 months of planning and hundreds of hours of rehearsing, the annual Dinner Theatre is ready to go. The catering committee has been working hard each day this week doing food preparation for the 600+ dinners they will be serving. The bar has been stocked (not to say it won't need to be restocked) with the fixings for "possom milk paralyzers", "vittles and varment vodka, "remember the alamo rum" and other delightful beverages. Over 100 volunteers have been contacted and are ready to work their shifts in the kitchen, serving drinks or taking tickets. The tables are set, even though some of the cast thought a couple of us (not mentioning any names) were getting a bit too fussy when we wanted all the things on the table to be just so. The window display is complete (and yes, that wedding dress is mine and believe it or not I really was that small 26 years ago!!!) The guitars are tuned and we had a little taste of the songs the Becker boys will be singing and I know everyone will be impressed. Most important, the cast and crew are ready to entertain the audiences each night with another very funny production.
For those of you that will be coming to the dinner theatre, I hope you will enjoy the show. If you are reading this from miles away stay tuned. I will be posting some photos later this weekend!!

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trudy and glen said...

Last night for the BIG SHEW!!! I am sure you will be exhausted but ready to roll south!! Looking forward to seeing you!
trudy and glen