Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beach Day

Today was a beach day. That means Abbey can run off leash and roll in the sand. I can sit in the sun and read and Senor Ping has a siesta and walks with Abbey. When we arrived at our favorite spot we immediately noticed the dolphins swimming quite close to shore. We were entertained for almost 2 hours by two groups of dolphins, about 6 in total. They swam back and forth in front of us and occasionally would stop and play in the surf. They swam close enough to shore that we could have walked out and touched them. There were a few boats that came by and the dolphins put on a show for the passengers. Senor Ping took some video footage of them and when we figure out how to add it to the blog we will share it with all of you. As we got ready to leave the locals were arriving for their time at the beach. Lots of families, picnics and relaxing by the sea!

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