Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Favorite Waiters

Today is Fred and Colleen's last day in San Carlos. We headed out early for a round of golf and then stopped at La Palapas for a couple Dos Equis and a snack. They will be leaving tomorrow for Tucson. Senor Ping and I will stay for another week and then meet them for some of the spring training baseball games. While here in San Carlos we have been on a mission to find the best waiters. We have narrowed it down to our Top 5. Here are our favorites:
Martin from Fiesta Real (this is the best place to watch the sunset )
Luis from Fiesta Real (it was great to sit at the bar and watch him work and visit with customers)

Nidia works at Froggy's and always took good care of us

Felix, one of our favorites from Froggy's.

Alec is Colleen's pick for #1 (don't you just love that smile!!!)

There are a few more places in San Carlos that we have not made it to yet. I guess we will have to come back next year and expand our list to the Top 10.


Trudy and Glen said...

Love those waiters!! Keep on blogging--we are in Palm Springs til Thurs living like the rich and famous! Ha!!

Meg said...

Mom- this sort of reminds me of that collection of photos Heidi had of "good haircuts" for "her mom", that was actually just photos of cute boys.

I guess we never do grow out of that phase. Frightening.

Meg said...

Do you want to buy me tickets to Mamma Mia! for my birthday?

In New York?


How about tickets to Mamma Mia! in Calgary? Maybe you could come? June 19-July 1? Maybe? Yes?

Snowflake said...

How about tickets to Mamma Mia for my birthday and I will take you with me? (In Calgary not New York!)

Diving Diva said...

Oh my, retirement really is tough! Which to choose....check out our waiter in Cozumel. I pick him!