Friday, March 23, 2007

The Supermarket

Yesterday we went to Guaymas by bus to do some shopping at Leys Supermarket. It is part of a mall which includes clothing stores (for much younger people), jewellery, a department store which has a bit of everything and numerous beauty salons. Fred and Colleen sent an email from Tucson informing me that the hair dressers in Tucson were on strike and I should consider getting my hair cut in Guaymas. I think they just wanted to see how I would look after getting my hair cut and colored by someone that doesn't speak english. I am not that brave!! I wanted Senor Ping to get a haircut first but he thought he could wait another week. The first thing I will do when we get to Tucson will be to make sure F&C were just joking!
When we finally entered the supermarket we were intrigued by all that the store carried. There was everything from clothing and hardware to fresh seafood and a bakery. I strolled up and down the rows looking at the familiar packaging on most of the items. Senor Ping has not gotten over the fact that he cannot buy his favorite breakfast cereal, Shreddies, anywhere in the U.S. or Mexico and has resorted to eating Frosted Flakes. When we checked out the cereal aisle we found the box with Tigre Tono on the front so even though we can' t read spanish I was quite sure we had found the right stuff. Although we didn't buy much it was an experience and now we know where to go for groceries if we are ever back this way again.

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Meg said...

someday, you will have to get Lauren to do the Tigre Tono Tv Commercial voice for you.