Friday, March 02, 2007

Nacapule Canyon

We took a drive through the Ranchitos district of San Carlos yesterday. We passed the school for 6 -11 year olds. They travel to Guaymas by bus when they are older. The students were all in uniforms. We had noticed that about the groups of students we had seen when we went to Guaymas earlier in the week. After leaving the Ranchitos we headed up a dirt road until we came to a clearing to park the truck. The hike was unbelievable. We went from cactus to palmtrees and other tropical plants. The final destination was the pool of water and cave. Of course some people took the route that was marked with blue paint but we ventured off the main trail and climbed some steep rocks, crawled through a cave and even backtracked a bit but it was a great experience.

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