Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life's Lessons We have Learned

It seems that we may be "old and retired" but there are still some things that we can learn. Here are the a few of "life's lessons" we have learned since arriving in San Carlos.
1. When they say the music will start at 4:00 you need to remember "Mexican time" and not arrive for happy hour so early. Yesterday F&C and Senor Ping and I arrived at 3:30 to insure that we would have a good seat at Froggy's for the well known entertainer. In actuality he didn't start singing until 6:00. Maybe 2 1/2 hours early was a bit too early.
2. After arriving for happy hour and staying until after dark one should take care riding their bike home. I won't say anymore except that Fred led the way, I was hot on his trail and Senor Ping was bringing up the rear and it was the other biker that took a spill. I am sure everyone in the campground heard us giggling when we finally arrived home.
3. Walking can be dangerous when you don't look where you are going. This morning I did a face plant when Abbey and I got going in opposite directions and I was doing too much looking around. Luckily there were no injuries, just a scraped knee and hand and a red face.

I am sure we will learn a few other things while we are here but in any case this is the beginning of our next level of education.

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Meg said...

Sounds like life lesson NUMBER ONE should have been 'drink more water than beer and tequila'.

I'm glad you're having fun- but I have to say, the mental picture of the four of you biking home from the bar at night is pretty hilarious...