Thursday, February 01, 2007

Now That I Am Retired

Yesterday the K-5 students gave me a booklet they had compiled for my retirement. It included suggestions from all the students for things I can do now that I am retired. Some of the best were: play checkers at the retirement home where I live, (did Meg and Al forget to tell Senor Ping and I that they booked us a room at the EOL???). There were a few that said I should go shopping (and I will certainly take them up on that one), others that thought travelling to Mexico, Las Vegas, taking a cruise, Hawaii would be in my future, a few thought I needed a new job and some new careeer choices would be a doctor or working at Walmart. And finally, a few predicted that I would become a movie star, go to Hollywood, and the best.... I will become the next Canadian Idol!!!
I was a bit disappointed that not one of them suggested I sit back, enjoy the coffee and read a book while I hear the bell ring for the start of school.


Laurel said...

I suggest that you lounge on your deck in a fuzzy bathrobe with Abbey at your side and eat icecream while listening to classical music. If this event just so happens during morning recess, in full view of the school-yard, than so be it.

note: this scenario may be a better idea in the late spring - but who's to judge anyway?

Meg said...

god, woman, what were you doing up at 6 on your first day of not working ever again?! Something is wrong here.

Snowflake said...

The clock must be a couple hours behind. It was at least 8:00 AM when I posted yesterday. But even if it had been 6:00 its the whole idea of getting up but not having to go anywhere that is the best!

Teddy Dupuis said...

Just wait till the wily old vet Bailey wakes up and walks into the nearest school to start teaching. Memory is the first thing to go...isn't that right?