Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Day In Paradise

We are settling in to the "retired lifestyle". That means up at 7:00, walk the dog through the desert with 20 or more other dog owners, coffee on the patio and a good book to read. A nap after lunch is certainly a "must" and then happy hour begins. Of course by 8:00 PM most people's lights are out. After all they have had a busy day!! Actually, by the looks of the activity schedule in this park the residents are kept busy with aerobics, aquacizes, card playing, shuffleboard, horseshoes, line dancing just to mention a few of the choices. I think I'll go check out the aquacizes tomorrow morning. Today we went to visit some folks from Eatonia (Glen and Trudy) who are at a park near by. We went for a drive and stopped for lunch. It was a good chance for us to see some of the sights and get an idea of what we can do when Ray and Roni arrive. If anyone is watching the Scott Tournament be sure to let us know how the Sask rink is doing.


Meg said...

How does the little chi-hua-hua like the desert?

Meg said...

Mom and Dad:

Both of your Mothers say Hi.


(I'm soooo the best and most loved child)

Ace Bailey said...

Betker and her rink are 5-0. Canada(B. Scott), Manitoba (Jones), BC (Law), Ontario (Scharf) are all at 4-1. Betker and her third are tearing it up.