Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bonding With The Family

Senor Ping and I were off to the city this past weekend to do a bit of bonding with the children. We arrived in time to have dinner with Megan, Allan and his friend Julia. The choice of restaurants was up to Meg and Al and after great deliberating they chose Joey Tomatoes. Good wine, good food and good company! After dinner Senor Ping and I headed to Bailey Bed and Breakfast on Oakridge. Accomodation was excellent as always, although this trip we were back in the Norwegian Suite rather than the exotic Guyamus suite we had during our last stay. On Friday Colleen and I ventured out into the snow and battled adverse road conditions on our search for a tea ball and collapsible collander. After browsing through every store in the mall and a few purchases not related to the items on our quest we did eventually find the tea ball. We arrived back at the B&B in time for Senor Ping and I to head downtown to meet Megan for light dinner before our evening of theatre. Another great choice of eating establishments! Allan was to join us for the opening night of The Knowing Bird which is a part of the Enbridge playRites Festival but got tied up and missed a very enjoyable and humorous production. I only wish I had the opportunity to see all the plays in the festival. after the show we hurried to the other end of the city to see the last 2 ends of curling match between the undefeated team of Dave, Jane, Ted and Colleen and their opponents (most definately rated as the underdogs in the match). Sadly, I must report that the winning foursome dropped their first game in two years. However, they did have time to discuss strategy and make a game plan for next week's match over a few beverages later.
Saturday morning was bright and sunny and we had time for breakfast with all the family before we started for home. A big thank you to the Baileys' for the great hospitality!!


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"friend" is such a loaded word!

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