Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finally Arrived

We have finally arrived and are fully set up in our campsite in San Carlos Mexico. It was not an easy trip by any means. We left Yuma on Thursday morning and had a good trip to Tucson. We found the insurance office without any problems but then proceeded to wait for 2 1/2 hours for all the papers to be processed. From there we headed to Camping World (apparently a must stop for all RVers). Our final stop on Thursday was at the Desert Diamond Casino, which is situated on the way to Nogales (our border crossing). We checked out their buffet and then made phone calls home to Mom D. and the kids (sorry Megan that you weren't home). We headed back to the 5th wheel about 9:30 PM with plans to get a good sleep and an early start. That was not to be. No sooner had we settled down for the night when we smelled smoke and then discovered an electrical fire in our fridge. Thanks to Doug's quick thinking we had the fire out in no time. There was extensive damage to the fridge and so we knew it would be back to Tucson in the morning to find a new fridge. We didn't get much sleep as both of us were worrying about when and how we would get the fridge fixed and how lucky we were that we were in the trailer when the electrical short took place. Early Friday morning we were in line at the RV Center and for a while it didn't look promising. Doug headed to Camping World and they had a fridge and also promised to get it installed before the end of the day. We unhooked the trailer and then just hung out and were pleasantly surprised to hear that it was fixed by 1:30 PM. Our freezer had been fully stocked and nothing had started to thaw so that was also a bonus. We were back on the road and stopped at the Walmart at Nogales (our first experieince at Walmart camping). I spent the afternoon cleaning the trailer. There was a strong smoke smell but I think we have gotten most of it cleared out.
Finally on Saturday morning at 6:45 AM we were back on the road to Nogales. It was a very uneventful border crossing and a good trip to San Carlos. We pulled into the Totanoka Campground by 1:00 PM. Of course we had a reservation but that really doesn't mean much. We found a spot on the road and were promised a site by tomorrow. But who could complain. The weather was beautiful, Colleen brought us lunch (it was great!!!!) and Fred and Colleen had cold beer. We also checked out Froggy's later in the afternoon. We had a very early night and both of us had a great sleep. This morning we were up and at the office by 9:00 AM. We had already checked out the empty sites and picked out the one we wanted. We are now settled in. The power and water are hooked up as is the satellite dish (as a matter of fact we are watching the Scott Tournament curling), the awning is out and the sun is shining. We are here for a month and if the first day and a half are any indication, there will be lots of R&R, lots of sun and lots of good company.

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