Wednesday, February 21, 2007

R&R With R&R

We've just sent Raymondo and Roni off on the next leg of their journey. They are heading to San Diego where they plan to spend the next 4 days. They have a long list of places to go and things to see there before they start for home. We had a great visit and enjoyed touring around Yuma with them. On Monday we did some shopping and then relaxed by the pool. It was also time to do some laundry. Yesterday we took a trip to Los Algodones, Mexico. It is a short drive from our campground. We were a bit surprised to see the line of cars as we approached the border. We arrived early in the morning and spent a couple hours strolling though the market area checking out the blankets, pottery, metal work, and various other types of trinkets. We were amazed at the huge number of dentists and optometrists and pharmacies. We stopped for lunch and a few Coronas. If we were surprised by the line up as we were arriving I can only describe our reaction as SHOCK when it came time to leave. We walked toward the customs line only to find the line wound around the corner. As we walked almost a full block down the street to find the end of the line we were amazed at the number of people standing and waiting to leave the country. It was an hour long wait but we finally arrived at customs which took approximately 2 minutes maximum for all four of us to go through. I can only assume that it is like this every day as our neighbors here at the campground warned us before hand to go early and get in line to leave before 2:00 PM. Senor Ping and I did not buy anything as we are waiting for San Carlos to make our purchases (I couldn't see us moving around the big turtle and metal guitar player I had my eye on for the rest of our trip.) Ray and Roni did find a few things that will be keepsakes from the trip.
We arrived back at the campground in time for the Mardi Gras parade. Many of the park residents were dressed in fancy hats, masks and carried decorated umbrellas. There were a few golf carts and bikes decorated for the occasion as well. The parade circled through the park and it looked like they were having a great time (too bad I didn't have a costume or I would have joined in).
Today we are taking Abbey for a haircut and will do some shopping and packing for our trip to Tucson. We hope to get an early start so we can take care of insurance and other business on Thursday and head for San Carlos on Friday. We are also going to stop in for a visit with some other Eatonia folks and hopefully have a bit more R&R before we start on the next leg of our adventure.
The picture above was taken in the market area of Los Algodones.

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